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Mold Can Cause Serious Health Problems

We'll take care of your mold remediation in Salisbury & Lexington, NC

Are you struggling with a chronic cough? Does your home have a wet, funny smell? Mold could be growing in the walls of your home. Silver Lion, LLC specializes in mold removal in Salisbury & Lexington, North Carolina.

Mold is a fast-growing fungus that can cause rotting and affect the air quality throughout your home or business. It often grows in dark, damp places that don't have a lot of ventilation. As part of your remediation, we'll disinfect the entire area, remove any existing mold and dispose of the material properly.

We offer residential and commercial mold remediation. Schedule an appointment with us today.

3 signs you may have mold in your home

Mold affects your entire home. If mold spores are growing in your basement, closets or attic, you'll notice visible and physical signs.

You may have a mold problem if...

  1. Your home has lingering, musty smells.
  2. There are black spots on your walls.
  3. You're consistently coughing.

If you notice any of these problems in your Salisbury & Lexington, North Carolina home, you need mold remediation ASAP. Trust Silver Lion with your mold removal by calling 704-603-7206 now.